Israel’s Biblical Capitol: The US Embassy move to Jerusalem

Today marks a very historic event in Jerusalem. This event is also a promise kept. President Donald Trump has moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel and now the US Embassy has opened there.

Dignitaries from all over the world attended this ceremony, marking the beginning of stronger relations between the US and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his remarks. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu delivers his remarks. Photo courtesy of Haaretz

The event will also be remembered for the Gaza Riots along the Israeli/Gaza border. Images of the Rioters along the fence hurling stones and burning tires filled the news. Estimates say up to sixty Gazans were killed. Condemnation of Israel came swiftly in the United Nations, but efforts to pass a Security Council Resolution was stopped by the US.

Israeli snipers watch the border as Gazans carry a wounded commrade. Photo by Timesof Israel

The real threat to peace in the Middle East remains Iran. Hamas received funding from Iran for the riots along the border. Iranian arms supplied through Syria reach Hamas terrorists fighting to break through the border fence. Here is a good article on where the money may be going.

How much of the billions of dollars the Obama Administration gave to Iran is funding these riots and protests along Israel’s border? Many are now asking that question. That would be a fascinating line of examination on the House and Senate floors. 

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.