Mark Hasara
Mark HasaraAuthor and Consultant
Over 20 years of comprehensive experience in directing operations from strategic planning through execution, effective team leadership, critical relationship management and administration. One of the world’s experts in global air refueling operations. Instructed Boeing, EADS North America, Northrop Grumman and Embraer executive leaders in air mobility operations based on experience in four wars. Senior executive leading an international team of 30, with a $2.2B budget in dynamic combat conditions. Mentored Senior Executives and engineers in avionics design for US and international air mobility platforms. Experienced in life cycle value stream, performance based logistics, and aftermarket services for commercial and government avionics and electronics. Skillful in managing risk and resources in time constrained environments across numerous world wide agencies. Impeccable international relations finesse collaborating with stake holders across Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America,

Mark Hasara earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Arts in Military Studies focusing on Air Warfare. A former US Air Force KC-135 Instructor Pilot with strategic, theater, and tactical operations expertise. I was a Member of the KC-135 Weapons School Initial Cadre and Curriculum Director for National Defense University’s Joint and Combined Warfighter School. I am a Miller-Heiman Strategic Sales and Dardis Communications alumni.

Chosen to be the Senior Executive officer for planning and executing all air refueling operations across the Middle Eastern and African theater of operations in 2002 – 2003 is my favorite Air Force career responsibility. Leading a team of thirty US, British, and Australian personnel, coalition tankers transferred of 475 million pounds of fuel into 28,783 receivers over a 23 day period. 475 million pounds of fuel would keep a 737 jetliner airborne for twelve years, or allow a Ford F-150 truck to make 1084 round trips to the moon or eight round trips to the sun.
My family is my greatest accomplishment. Awarded Air Mobility Command’s Tactician of the Year in 2002 for planning and execution work during Operation Enduring Freedom is one of my greatest career accomplishments. Selection for the KC-135 Weapons Instructor Course Initial Cadre in 1999 runs a very close second. The experiences and education I gained from involvement in four air campaigns and teaching at National Defense University’s Joint Combined Warfighter School were invaluable as the subject matter expert while in the corporate world. I was selected for a team which captured the $345M Embraer KC-390 flight deck design competition.
I have a keen sense of what needs to be done and can organize and develop logical plans to get there. I have delivered superior results in extremely short time suspense. As a military pilot, I have extensive experience in tanker, fighter, reconnaissance, and rotary wing aircraft. Another company engineer and I designed a notional fighter/trainer cockpit architecture for international sales. The cockpit included the latest technology in communications, displays, pilot/vehicle interfaces, flight control and information management. Selected as one of three authors, we wrote a White Paper detailing the conceptual cockpit design for a classified US Department of Defense platform which ensures high pilot situation awareness with low workload.
Photography is a favorite passion, particularly aviation subjects. Using the pictures I take of military aircraft, I build 1/48 scale plastic model planes. I enter these model aircraft in the local International Plastic Modelers Society contests. These models are museum quality and some projects take six to eight months for construction.