C-SPAN Book TV segment

There is no better backdrop for a lecture on aviation than the Hill Aerospace Museum!

Sunday 18 March my Plane Talk lecture at Hill AFB Aerospace Museum was aired on C-SPAN Book TV. The lecture called Fast Asleep to Full Out War in 30 Minutes discussed air refueling operations on 9/11 and how a team of tanker planners at Fairchild AFB had to create a plan to transfer 7-12 million pounds of fuel a day to protect the west coast.

I want to thank Aaron, Robb, and Terry at the Hill Aerospace Museum for providing such an awesome backdrop for this Plane Talk lecture. I had a lot of fun doing this and hope to do more there.

The segment runs for an hour and nine minutes and can be found here.

KC-135 flying with the Boom extended in the Southwest Asia Area during Iraqi Freedm

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.