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I have been offline for the last three weeks. I will be writing very little over the next couple weeks. My father complained he had a sore stomach. What it turned out to be is stage four pancreatic cancer. As all of you know, this type of cancer is inoperable and spreads quickly. My family is gathered around him in what are his last days here with us. I will pass along more later but for right now all of us are staying busy getting the last lessons learned and wisdom downloads from my Dad.

President Trump in Helsinki

I wish I could find where this post came from on Facebook and give credit to it’s author. I have a few more things I would add to his words. To the veteran and officer who wrote this, thanks!

My advisors have recommended I not write about this controversy but I owe you. I write as a military veteran and political scientist who has traveled to Ukraine, the Middle East, Helsinki, USSR to study up close.

Fact 1. The world’s two greatest nuclear powers should be friendly. That is in the interest of the world!

Fact 2. Tonight the greatest criticisms come from two major groups:

A. Those who hate Trump and who will criticize the President for anything he does.

B. Those few in the military and intelligence communities who are wholly bought and owned by the war industries, for it is in their financial interests to have the US and Russia armed to the teeth and at each other’s throats.

As you listen to the shrill screamers, note how often they come from this corner (politicians included)!

Fact 3. The absolute truth is that the Obama administration interfered in the Ukraine elections which led to Russia’s predictable takeover of the area which holds Russia’s major naval base and sea outlet.

Fact 4. The Obama administration interfered in the election of Israel. Strong Nations do this when they feel that it is their interests to do so.

Fact 5. The alleged Russian interference occurred during the Obama administration, and we heard not a peep. Now these jerks want Trump to punch Putin in the nose and start a nuclear war with the other major nuclear force on Earth.

I’m a patriot and a believer in a powerful America. I have also witnessed the body bags filled with the fruit of American youth when fat old saber rattlers play soldier.

Trump was masterful in Helsinki. The Swamp Donkeys may scream but tonight the world is better off that these two men shook hands!

President Trump and President Putin shake hands in Helsinki, photo via AOL.

May I add two things to the words above. The New York Times reported in 2015 that “shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Bil Clinton received  $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” In total, $145 million dollars went to the Clinton Foundation from interests linked to Uranium One, which was acquired by the Russian nuclear agency Rostrum. But the Clintons are not under investigation for colluding with the Russians to influence an election. Let that sink in.

Second, the Democrats are screaming about Russia colluding in US elections but think nothing of letting 20 million illegal aliens vote.

My thoughts for this Tuesday afternoon.

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.

The Boys in the Cave

In what must be a modern day miracle, the Thai “Wild Boars” soccer team are free! All twelve boys and the coach are now in the hospital being treated for various things, but none have life-threatening injuries. An international team of rescuers, including members of the 353rd Special Operations Group from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, gathered in northern Thailand to pull them out. Their rescue is one of the most difficult operations for diversThai Navy SEALs accomplished numerous trips back and forth the the ledge the boys were stranded on. The Thai Navy SEALs announced their success on their Facebook page,

“We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what. All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave.” 

The four Thai Navy SEALs who made the dangerous dives to rescue the soccer team

Unfortunately, 38-year-old retired Thai Navy SEAL Saman Kunam died last Friday delivering oxygen bottles through the cave.

United States military members are often called upon to provide assistance during disaster relief operations around the globe. Military men and women have unique skill sets and government money to accomplish search and rescue operations around the world.

While working at Air Mobility Command’s Tanker Airlift Control Center at Scott Air Force Base, my West Cell teammates were called upon to deliver the National Transportation Safety Board Go-Team to Agana Guam when Korean Airlines Flight 801 crashed atop Nimitz Hill. A C-141 Starlifter delivered them to Andersen Air Force Base 17 hours after notification. The next day, I sent another C-141 to Billings Montana picking up containers to move burn victims and doctors specializing in treating burns. Why Billings Montana? The US Forest Service Smokejumper’s warehouse was there, filled with these burn victim transfer cases. The Starlifter was configured as an air ambulance, something our airlift aircraft often do, and flew four burn victims to San Antonio Texas. Three of the four victims evacuated to Texas survived.

Korean Air Flight 801 crash site. Agana Airport is to the left of the picture. DoD photo

When Hurricane Rita hit the Texas coast, President George W. Bush administration used US military assets and personnel during the rescue efforts. The Amphibious Assault Ship USS Iwo Jima became the command center for rescue efforts. Rear Admiral Joseph Kilkenny employed a battlefield procedure we used to hunt tanks and Saddam’s army for streamlining rescue operations. Admiral Kilkenny used “Killbox Procedures” to search and rescue Rita survivors. Dividing 60 nautical mile latitude/longitude squares into four 15 nautical mile killboxes, the northwest box is numbered Killbox One, the northeast box number two, and so on. Controlling the hundreds of helicopters followed established military command and  communications procedures. Renaming them “Rescue Boxes,” each 15 nautical mile box is subdivided into keypads, like on a cell phone’s dialing page. Excluding the phone’s zero numeric, nine additional boxes are laid over the 15 mile square, one through three across the top, four through six, through the center, and seven through nine across the bottom. 

When rescue forces were needed in the center of the northwest square, the helicopters were told move to Killbox One, Keypad Five. Killbox procedures were a simple way to solve the complex problem of moving rescue forces to survivors in a very unique battlefield way Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard helo pilots understood. The USS Iwo Jima and other amphibious assault ships are ideal for rescue operations. Their four-acre flight decks can handle up to ten helicopters. The Iwo Jima can make hundreds of thousands of gallons of pure water a day.  The Iwo Jima has four main operating rooms were complex medical procedures like neurosurgery can be performed by the ship’s medical staff. Work smarter, not harder.

Military forces are ideal assets for search and rescue in humanitarian situations. No one believed adapting battlefield killbox procedures to a rescue operation would work, particularly procedures we use to kill tanks and people. Killbox procedures worked perfectly in the Hurricane Rita search and rescue operations. We applaud the efforts of the Thai Navy SEALs, and all of the international military members called upon to help save the Wild Boar soccer team. 

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.

Information operations and Civil War in America.

America is in a Civil War. The best illustration is the destructive information operations against anyone connected to the Trump Administration. And the left has now thrown down on any conservative supporter of President Trump. California Representative Maxine Waters calls for keeping Trump supporters from gas stations and restaurants are proof America has returned to the deep South of the 1960’s. It’s not your skin color anymore but your political ideology which now is a litmus test for where you can eat or fill up your car. Time magazine’s cover of President Trump looking down upon a crying Honduran two-year-old girl was simple offensive information operations by the left. The photo shows a false narrative… but it doesn’t matter to the new liberal or progressive ideologues. The ends justify the means. They have what they want… America at war with itself!

But there were a few problems with the cover photo.

Here is the real picture of the Mother and little girl speaking with a Border Patrol Agent to set the record straight.

The Honduran Foreign Minister stated the mother never left the child. She was coming to the US looking for work, not asylum. Facts no longer matter as long as President Trump removal from office in disgrace is accomplished. Is that not the purpose of a Civil War? The dialogue is no longer cordial or dignified. Here is an excellent article from Townhall which explains my feelings exactly. I urge all of you to read Saul Alinsky’s book, so you know and understand why the left acts the way they do. Remember Sun Tzu’s admonition 2500 years ago: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The liberal left demagogues have their playbook, and anyone can read it.

Anything you say can and will be used against you.

It’s time for conservatives to go offensive in the  information arena. Sun Tzu stated in his book The Art of War: “If your opponent is of a choleric nature, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” Does not that one line describe the liberal left: irritated and arrogant? The more hysterical the arrogant left becomes, the more apparent their mistakes are. And those mistakes hand the conservative right opportunities to upset liberalism’s ideas. The left hates it when you use their tactics against them.  

Using Lt Col Ralph Peter’s terrific paper “When Devils Walked the Earth,” describing the strategies of practical and apocalyptic terrorists, it gives 25 superpower Do’s and Don’ts. Using Lt Col Peter’s Do’s and Don’ts as a framework, an offensive information operation game plan used against Saul Alinsky’s rules might look like this:

1. Whenever possible, seek to humiliate the liberals in the eyes of the American public when they make wild and outlandish statements. America’s trust of the news media continues to decline, CNN the perfect example. Progressive liberal news outlets seek the destruction of conservative ideology at any cost, as TIME’s cover proves. They will always use embarrassing questions to make a conservative look terrible or marginalize principles on news programs or in private conversation. Conservatives must humiliate and marginalize the mainstream media when they make fake statements by asking them to explain their philosophies. Foreign policy and the economy are significant areas for conservatives to ask liberals what their plans are for North Korea and increasing the middle-class economic outlook. I know my enemy and can tell you they will not have a coherent answer.  

2. Don’t be afraid to be powerful. Conservatives must not think small, and we’ve had a history of thinking small in our conversations with liberals. The Red Hen asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders family to leave over the weekend and handed conservatives another prime target for showing intolerant liberals are of anyone who does not believe the way they do. The Red Hen’s owner followed Sarah Sanders in-laws into another restaurant across the street. Attack their intolerant behavior of conservative customers willing to eat in their establishment. One good line I heard over the weekend came from an article explaining how liberals have returned the United States to the 1960’s deep south when African-Americans couldn’t eat at certain white restaurants and take a sip out of white drinking fountains. Now conservatives cannot eat in certain restaurants and can be verbally attacked while pumping gas. Today as I write this, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s Middle East travel ban and sided with pro-life crisis pregnancy centers against a California law requiring them to say abortion is an option. Liberalism is losing ground. Never tire of being powerful and winning.  

3. Speak bluntly and never go on the rhetorical defensive. Collegial is a conservative weakness. Conservatives tend to be timid when some liberal says “Are you stupid!?!” and back away from the confrontation fearing to offend them. It’s time to offend liberalism’s failing dogma by passionately stating conservative positions and asking liberals to explain their principles. Efforts should be spent on inflicting the most significant amount of damage on liberal logic which does not stand up to rational thinking. Any time the MSM publishes fake news like the TIME cover above, blitz all forms of social media. Conservatives hashtag onslaught against liberal demagogues stupid twitter posts is classic information warfare. The MSM is a prime hysterical target and Trump knows it. He speaks to them bluntly, because he knows the MSM are the liberal’s center of gravity, the hub for all power and movement of fake news and disinformation. President Trump’s tweets excel in this area.    

5. When in doubt, hit harder than you think is necessary. Alinsky’s last rule is the one liberals use daily: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Liberals continuously say conservatives are racists, bigots, homophobes, and find Judaeo-Christian values repugnant. Now is the time to hit liberals right between the eyes with their anti-christian bigotry. Polarization is the heart of liberalism’s strategic plans. Polarize another great target of liberalism; anti-semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. Freeze it by telling your liberal friends you stand for Israel, the U.S. longest democratic partner in the Middle East. Then polarize their anti-semitism by asking them how many Jews have Hamas and Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organizations killed. Ask them what their response would be if a group destroyed their livelihood by dropping fire kites in their wheat fields. Liberals cannot explain the billions of dollars the Obama Administration delivered in the middle of the night to Iranian agents, now used to support their military and terrorist operations against Israel and the US.    

6. Remember liberals most cherished symbols are fewer and far more vulnerable than are conservatives. One of Obama’s most significant accomplishments was the Affordable Care Act. How’s that “You can keep your Doctor” and “Health care costs will not increase” thing working out for liberals? Labor Unions now realize the government didn’t try to keep wages from sinking or jobs going overseas. White-collar middle-class workers are not going to let themselves be overtaxed to provide social benefits to everyone. Liberals mock anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” ballcap, yet are outraged the US has pulled out of the UN’s Human Rights Commission, a “cesspool of political bias” according to Ambassador Nikki Haley. More fake outrage. Liberalism and conservatism divide widened when Black Lives Matter groups blocked highways and some members continue gunning down law enforcement officers, a few of those officers African Americans. Facts are a terrible thing for the left to cope with though. Liberalisms cherished symbols have never been more vulnerable because of their unhinged reaction to everything the Trump Administration accomplishes.  

The left has been fighting an unopposed information campaign against the conservative right for over fifty years. It isn’t working. The right needs to seize the initiative by going offensive against the continued lies, fake news, and phony outrage of the liberal left. When events like the Red Hen incident hand the right an opportunity, conservatives must inform the American people who the real intolerant, bigoted, racist groups are. To all my conservative friends, implement Wolfpack! Good luck and good hunting.

Moon Lake

I will be out of town and literally off the grid the entire week of 18-23 June 2018. My wife’s family have been going to Moon Lake in the high Uinta Mountains since the late 1950s. Moon Lake is above 9000 feet and one of Utah’s most incredible places to fish and take a hike in the woods. 

I’m sure I will come home with a lot more to write about… I always do while sitting around the camp fire at Moon Lake.

Questions President Trump should ask Kim Jong Un

During the five years I lived in Okinawa I became very familiar with diplomatic, informational, military and economic events on the Korean Peninsula. There are several questions I hope President Trump asks Kim Jong Un as they sit across the table.
1. I hope President Trump asks Kim Jong Un what ballistic missile and warhead technology has North Korea shared with Iran? The Iranian Ballistic Missile Test facility is an almost identical copy of the North Korean test facility at Musadan-Ri. North Korea had the technology and Iran had the money. President George W. Bush was correct in identifying the axis of evil in his 29 January 2002 State of the Union address and National Security Strategy and they called him nuts.
About a month before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, sometime in February if I remember right, the Spanish Navy accomplished a ship takedown of a North Korean merchant vessel we knew carried medium-range ballistic missile parts from North Korea. We watched the takedown via a US Navy UAV video in the Combined Air Operations Center where I was working. The operation was being projected on the 40-foot wall screen so all of us on the Operations Center floor watched it. The Spaniards asked to do the mission by the way and did an outstanding job. It took the Spanish Special Ops guys some time to find the missile parts, but they did. It was hidden in boxes marked to cover what was really in them. Imagine that. The parts were headed for Yemen. The Houthi Rebels in Yemen have been launching SCUD missiles into Saudi Arabia using missiles supplied by Iran, and possibly North Korea. 
2. I would ask what nuclear reactor technology has North Korea shared with the Iran Regime. Have they shared it with other countries? The Iranian reactor is south of the city of Bandar Bushehr on the Persian Gulf. North Korea had the technology and Iran had the money. Because of the Obama Administration, the Iranians now have a lot more money to buy missile and nuclear technology too.
3. What was North Korea’s involvement in the construction of the nuclear reactor in the Deir Ez Zor region of Syria? This is the reactor the Israeli Air Force destroyed on the night of 6-7 September 2007 during Operation Outside the Box. Eight IAF fighters (F-15Is and F-16Is) attacked the reactor. The Israeli Defense Force commander recently released targeting pod video of the raid, very unusual for the Israelis. Israeli Mossad and Special Operators confirmed the head of North Korea’s nuclear programs was at the Deir Ez Zor site. They have pictures of him standing around in his tracksuit.
Before and After photos of the Syrian nuclear reactor near Deir Ez Zor courtesy NPR

Kim Jong Un knows he has no military options available to him. The recent Operation Inherent Resolve coalition attacks on the Syrian chemical weapons facilities proved US long range weapons like the AGM-158 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile or JASSM cannot be tracked or targeted by Russia’s most sophisticated surface-to-air missile system located at their base near Latakia Syria. The B-1s coming from their base in the east launched 19 JASSMs at one facility located on the outskirts of Damascus in the heart of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile engagement footprint. All JASSM missiles made it to their targets.

Russian Pantsir (foreground) and S400 (background) at the Latakia Air Base via Russia DoD
Half of North Korea’s population is involved in their military industrial complex. They have one million men and women in their active duty military and another 20% in the reserves and Red Guards. Restructuring the North Korean economy if peace breaks out may cause it to collapse. It also may rattle South Korea’s because of their military industrial complex is pretty large and includes American defense contractors. If peace comes to the Korean Peninsula, those folks and their military efforts will not be required. We may be calling it catastrophic peace.
We know from the young Army officer who defected from North Korea last year across the DMZ had some real serious physical health issues. If he is indicative of their military population, the men and women who are given the best food and housing, what will be the condition of the rest of the population? The situation in North Korea may keep non-governmental organizations like Doctors without Borders busy for a decade. Five entire provinces in North Korea are without paved roads, running water, electricity, food, and common things we in the States have even in the poorest neighborhoods.
I’ve not seen one news outlet or group mentioning any of this… North Korea’s ties to the Iranian Regime and the conflict in the Middle East, and what the end state of peace on the Korean Peninsula really looks like.

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.