Build the Wall: Conundrum on the US Border

Migrants and refugees continue to cross borders in Europe and the US. The Migrant Caravan recently in the news is a good example. The Migrant Caravan’s goal of crossing the US border seeking asylum in the US. I think The Migrant Caravan’s objectives were more sinister. Glenn Beck stood before his chalkboard and explained who they are. Always follow the money…

A Broder patrol agent walks along the US - Mexican border wall.

The US has the technology to find, track, and capture vehicles and people from a very controversial program used along the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Vietnam War. The IGLOO WHITE program attempted to interdict the movement of men and vehicles coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail into South Vietnam. IGLOO WHITE used air dropped sensors, computerized tracking systems, and aircraft to find, track and target North Vietnamese, troops, vehicles, and supplies along the trail. The program has been declassified and a number of good articles have been written about how the lessons of IGLOO WHITE can help us  secure our borders.

Air Delivered Seismic Intrusion Detectors (ADSIDs) at the Museum of the US Air Force

National Guard troops began deploying along the border Friday 6 April. Governor Abbott deployed four UH-72 Lakota helicopters of the Texas Army National Guard to the border. Two state Governors have refused President Trump’s deployment recommendations, Governor Kate Brown of Oregon and Governor Steve Bullock of Montana, both Democrats. California Governor Jerry Brown has not made a decision yet. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and California Governor Jerry Brown at a recent news conference

Discussions about how the Trump Administration pays for the border wall continues to be volatile. Here is an interesting article which gives a theory which is very controversial but I’m seeing more and more.  

I feel we must as a nation secure our northern and southern borders. My biggest concern remains Islamic Extremists coming across the border embedded in groups of illegal aliens. I’m writing a geopolitical thriller based on this very scenario.

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.