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Nation’s DIME 1844

Closing in on the midterms, the world seems to be in chaos. Here are the things I’m reading about in the DIME. In the Diplomatic

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The Nation’s DIME 1842

Another Honduran migrant caravan approaches the U.S. – Mexico border. The Trump Administration response is different with this one. In the Diplomatic realm, The Trump

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Nation’s DIME 1841

There is a lot happening around the world this week you should know about. Here is this week Nation’s DIME… In the Diplomatic environment, Ambassador

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Nation’s DIME 1839

There is so much going on this week in the diplomatic, informational, military, and economic worlds. In the Diplomatic arena, The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings

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Nation’s DIME 1838

There is so much going on this week its hard to know where to start… In the Diplomatic area, Other countries must look at the

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Nation’s DIME 1837

I’m back after a long absence from writing. During the past ten weeks a lot happened while gone. In the Diplomatic arena, The Trump Administration

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