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Nation’s DIME 1837

I’m back after a long absence from writing. During the past ten weeks a lot happened while gone. In the Diplomatic arena, The Trump Administration

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Nation’s DIME 1827

By 53% of the Mexican population, leftist Andreas Manuel Lopez Abrador will become the new President. President Obrador faces many challenges. One of those challenges

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Nation’s DIME 1826

This is what I’m thinking about today. The United States is coming apart at the seams. And it’s self-inflicted. Civil discourse I feel is no

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Nation’s DIME 1825

I am on vacation this week up in the beautiful Uinta Mountains of eastern Utah with my wife’s family. While sitting in the hammock watching

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Nation’s DIME 1824

Media pundits have written and said a lot concerning President Trump’s meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un this past week. It is an

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Nation’s DIME 1823

Many experts have offered pessimistic views of the value in the upcoming meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on 12

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