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Nation’s DIME 1814

This past week, the US and China began their trade war, as both countries implemented tariffs on specific products. Some of these products include soybeans

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Nation’s DIME 1813

“The Cube” A story of global espionage, government intrigue, and the destruction of a Syrian nuclear reactor, built with North Korea’s help, paid for by

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Nation’s DIME 1812

“Competition among countries will increase in the coming year as major powers, and regional aggressors exploit complex global trends while adjusting to new priorities in

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Nation’s DIME 1809

Flexible Deterrent Options Stating the obvious, we live in a very chaotic world. Events on the Korean Peninsula are the most chaotic. The despotic leader of

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Nation’s DIME 1807

On 7 Feb an incident in Syria became the first case made public of U.S. military engaging Russians soldiers fighting for President Bashar al-Assad. The

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Nation’s DIME 1805

I want to open pages in the Trump Administration’s 2017 National Security Strategy once again. The last section is an important one, what the National

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