Unreasonable Rhetoric: Information Operations and a Civil War in America.

America is in a Civil War. The best illustration is the destructive information operations against anyone connected to the Trump Administration. And the left has now thrown down on any conservative supporter of President Trump. California Representative Maxine Waters calls for keeping Trump supporters from gas stations and restaurants are proof America has returned to the deep South of the 1960’s. It’s not your skin color anymore but your political ideology which now is a litmus test for where you can eat or fill up your car. Time magazine’s cover of President Trump looking down upon a crying Honduran two-year-old girl was simple offensive information operations by the left. The photo shows a false narrative… but it doesn’t matter to the new liberal or progressive ideologues. The ends justify the means. They have what they want… America at war with itself!

But there were a few problems with the cover photo.

Here is the real picture of the Mother and little girl speaking with a Border Patrol Agent to set the record straight.

The Honduran Foreign Minister stated the mother never left the child. She was coming to the US looking for work, not asylum. Facts no longer matter as long as President Trump removal from office in disgrace is accomplished. Is that not the purpose of a Civil War? The dialogue is no longer cordial or dignified. Here is an excellent article from Townhall which explains my feelings exactly. I urge all of you to read Saul Alinsky’s book, so you know and understand why the left acts the way they do. Remember Sun Tzu’s admonition 2500 years ago: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The liberal left demagogues have their playbook, and anyone can read it.

Anything you say can and will be used against you.

It’s time for conservatives to go offensive in the  information arena. Sun Tzu stated in his book The Art of War: “If your opponent is of a choleric nature, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” Does not that one line describe the liberal left: irritated and arrogant? The more hysterical the arrogant left becomes, the more apparent their mistakes are. And those mistakes hand the conservative right opportunities to upset liberalism’s ideas. The left hates it when you use their tactics against them.  

Using Lt Col Ralph Peter’s terrific paper “When Devils Walked the Earth,” describing the strategies of practical and apocalyptic terrorists, it gives 25 superpower Do’s and Don’ts. Using Lt Col Peter’s Do’s and Don’ts as a framework, an offensive information operation game plan used against Saul Alinsky’s rules might look like this:

1. Whenever possible, seek to humiliate the liberals in the eyes of the American public when they make wild and outlandish statements. America’s trust of the news media continues to decline, CNN the perfect example. Progressive liberal news outlets seek the destruction of conservative ideology at any cost, as TIME’s cover proves. They will always use embarrassing questions to make a conservative look terrible or marginalize principles on news programs or in private conversation. Conservatives must humiliate and marginalize the mainstream media when they make fake statements by asking them to explain their philosophies. Foreign policy and the economy are significant areas for conservatives to ask liberals what their plans are for North Korea and increasing the middle-class economic outlook. I know my enemy and can tell you they will not have a coherent answer.  

2. Don’t be afraid to be powerful. Conservatives must not think small, and we’ve had a history of thinking small in our conversations with liberals. The Red Hen asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders family to leave over the weekend and handed conservatives another prime target for showing intolerant liberals are of anyone who does not believe the way they do. The Red Hen’s owner followed Sarah Sanders in-laws into another restaurant across the street. Attack their intolerant behavior of conservative customers willing to eat in their establishment. One good line I heard over the weekend came from an article explaining how liberals have returned the United States to the 1960’s deep south when African-Americans couldn’t eat at certain white restaurants and take a sip out of white drinking fountains. Now conservatives cannot eat in certain restaurants and can be verbally attacked while eating out. Today as I write this, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s Middle East travel ban and sided with pro-life crisis pregnancy centers against a California law requiring them to say abortion is an option. Liberalism is losing ground. Never tire of being powerful and winning.  

3. Speak bluntly and never go on the rhetorical defensive. Collegial is a conservative weakness. Conservatives tend to be timid when some liberal says “Are you stupid!?!” and back away from the confrontation fearing to offend them. It’s time to offend liberalism’s failing dogma by passionately stating conservative positions and asking liberals to explain their principles. Efforts should be spent on inflicting the most significant amount of damage on liberal logic which does not stand up to rational thinking. Any time the MSM publishes fake news like the TIME cover above, blitz all forms of social media. Conservatives hashtag onslaught against liberal demagogues stupid twitter posts is classic information warfare. The MSM is a prime hysterical target and Trump knows it. He speaks to them bluntly, because he knows the MSM are the liberal’s center of gravity, the hub for all power and movement of fake news and disinformation. President Trump’s tweets excel in this area.    

5. When in doubt, hit harder than you think is necessary. Alinsky’s last rule is the one liberals use daily: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Liberals continuously say conservatives are racists, bigots, homophobes, and find Judaeo-Christian values repugnant. Now is the time to hit liberals right between the eyes with their anti-christian bigotry. Polarization is the heart of liberalism’s strategic plans. Polarize another great target of liberalism; anti-semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. Freeze it by telling your liberal friends you stand for Israel, the U.S. longest democratic partner in the Middle East. Then polarize their anti-semitism by asking them how many Jews have Hamas and Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organizations killed. Ask them what their response would be if a group destroyed their livelihood by dropping fire kites in their wheat fields. Liberals cannot explain the billions of dollars the Obama Administration delivered in the middle of the night to Iranian agents, now used to support their military and terrorist operations against Israel and the US.    

6. Remember liberals most cherished symbols are fewer and far more vulnerable than are conservatives. One of Obama’s most significant accomplishments was the Affordable Care Act. How’s that “You can keep your Doctor” and “Health care costs will not increase” thing working out for liberals? Labor Unions now realize the government didn’t try to keep wages from sinking or jobs going overseas. White-collar middle-class workers are not going to let themselves be overtaxed to provide social benefits to everyone. Liberals mock anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” ballcap, yet are outraged the US has pulled out of the UN’s Human Rights Commission, a “cesspool of political bias” according to Ambassador Nikki Haley. More fake outrage. Liberalism and conservatism divide widened when Black Lives Matter groups blocked highways and some members continue gunning down law enforcement officers, a few of those officers African Americans. Facts are a terrible thing for the left to cope with though. Liberalisms cherished symbols have never been more vulnerable because of their unhinged reaction to everything the Trump Administration accomplishes.  

The left has been fighting an unopposed information campaign against the conservative right for over fifty years. It isn’t working. The right needs to seize the initiative by going offensive against the continued lies, fake news, and phony outrage of the liberal left. When events like the Red Hen incident hand the right an opportunity, conservatives must inform the American people who the real intolerant, bigoted, racist groups are. To all my conservative friends, implement Wolfpack! Good luck and good hunting.