Nation’s DIME 1822

There is so much going on around the world this week: North Korea comes to Washington DC, Assad thinks his military can remove us from Syria, and the jobs growth numbers lowest in years.  Let’s get started.

In the Diplomatic arena,

A lot has been written about the on-again/off-again meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The North Korean Spy Master Kim Yong-chol met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier in the week. They discussed the 12 June meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Kim Yong-chol delivered a message to President Trump today, and now the 12 June meeting is back on. This is political intrigue at the highest levels!

In the Information arena,

President Bashar Assad of Syria gave the US military an ultimatum: Get out! Assad said he will force the US out if need be. That did not go well for his Army in February. President Trump has openly stated our goals in Syria are not yet accomplished. There are a lot of players in Syria: Russia and Iran the largest forces. Expect the rhetoric to increase over the next few weeks.

In the Military area, some interesting things concerning the F-35.

During a recent Commanders Conference, Israeli Air Force Major General Amikam Norkin told 20 nation senior commanders Israeli F-35s have dropped weapons in anger. The General said the jets are flying all over the Middle East. Russia has placed some of their most sophisticated air defense systems in Syria. The IAF destroyed some of them recently.

US Air Force F-35s from Hill AFB have been deployed as part of a Pacific Air Forces Security Package over the last six months. The 34th Fighter Squadron are in the process of deploying home as Alaska F-22s replace them in theater. These deployments are important because the jets were part of Flexible Deterrent Options using low observable aircraft like F-35 and F-22. Why is Kim Jong Un talking to President Trump? Air Force stealth airplanes have been flying in his neighborhood. 

A 34th Fighter Squadron F-35 prepares for a mission from Kadena Air Base Upper Fighter Ramp.

Some great Economic news out today.

The unemployment numbers are the lowest since 2000Black unemployment was also at the lowest since 1972. The President also implemented tariffs on several of our allies which has raised a few eyebrows. What will these tariffs accomplish remains to be seen.

As I said, this week had a lot of news.

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