Nation’s DIME 1827

By 53% of the Mexican population, leftist Andreas Manuel Lopez Abrador will become the new President. President Obrador faces many challenges. One of those challenges is our common border. The MSM continues to vilify the Trump Administration over the separation of children from their families. Several things now coming to light about the chaos on the border.

In the Diplomatic area,

Lopez Abrador has stated the following: “Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States; it’s a human right we will defend.” Leftist use the “human right” term a lot. How Lopez Obrador intends to defend that human right will not take place in the UN. The US is no longer a member of the High Commission on Human Rights. There are few diplomatic avenues available for Lopez Abrador to defend his human right statement. 

Then there is the child separation issue…

On the Informational front,

Everyone should read this post by Lee Whitt, an EMT and Flight Nurse with Flight for Life in Texas. He followed his 20 June post with this. His posts dispels a lot of the MSM dialogue against the Trump Administration on separating children from the cartels and the traffickers, not their parents. The previous Administration separated tens of thousands more. The Main Stream Media is incapable of telling the truth on this subject. Talk to a Border Patrol agent and get the real story.

In the Military arena,

The situation along the southern border is a Commander’s nightmare. Drafting rules of engagement or ROE for operations against the traffickers and Drug Cartels is extremely difficult. The first question to considered a hostile act? If a trafficker is armed is that considered a hostile act? A border group called Arizona Border Recon drafted their own ROE. I would start with a long conversation with Operation Underground Railroad, freeing children from sex trafficking.

In the Economic area,

The cost of securing the border continues to climb. President Trump’s Border Wall remains controversial, pros and cons for and against the wall. President Trump said the US Wall will be modeled after the Israeli Border Fence. This website contains a very good debate on options for immigration.

My biggest concern remains who is coming across. There continues to be no real vetting process determining an illegal aliens point of origin. I taught for many years our worst enemies are inside the wire and they came here through the porous Mexican border. 

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