Nation’s DIME 1838

There is so much going on this week its hard to know where to start…

In the Diplomatic area,

Other countries must look at the spectacle of the Justice Brett Kavanaugh hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee and laugh. Who has ever heard of someone saying to a Senate Committee hearing these are my demands before testifying. Ms Ford wanted an FBI investigation. The FBI turned down Ford’s request, that’s not what the FBI does. Demands made through her lawyer include… no external lawyers! The letter from Dr. Ford’s attorney can be found here. My hope is Senator Grassley calls for a vote on Monday. 

In the Informational realm,

Are you tired of the line Russian meddling? Meddling is what governments. Russian meddling is information warfare. Russia has used information warfare very effectively in the Crimea. The US may not be ready for this type of warfare. The US needs to develop a good informational warfare strategy which may require new intelligence disciplines to combat.

In the Military realm, talk about stranger things!

An Israeli Air Force four ship of F-16 Sufas attacked Iranian targets near Latakia. The ammo warehouse belongs to the Iranian backed Hezbollah terror group.  But during the IAF airstrike Syria shot down a Russian Il-20 COOT reconnaissance plane in the process with one of their new S-400 SAM systems which sits on the same mountain as their SA-5 GAMMON site. The entire crew was lost. In an interesting twist, a French Navy Frigate also destroyed targets. Is there a new US-Israel-British-French alliance?

The Economic news keeps getting better.

The Dow and S&P 500 closed new records. Jobless claims fell to their lowest in 49 years. Second quarter GDP was adjusted from 4.1 to 4.2 percent. And Senator Elizabeth Warren submitted a seriously misguided bill for the government to control any company earning $1 billion dollars.

The November elections are going to be really important.