Nation’s DIME 1841

There is a lot happening around the world this week you should know about. Here is this week Nation’s DIME…

In the Diplomatic environment,

Ambassador Nikki Haley resigned unexpectedly as our nation’s representative to the United Nations effective 1 January. Her service to the nation has been exemplary. Ambassador Haley has defended President Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, told Kim Jong Un’s regime they will be utterly destroyed, and the Iranian Mullahs do have a ballistic missile program. She gave no reasons for resigning and there is a lot of speculation

In the Informational realm, the Chinese are in the news again,  

Revealed this week was a small microchip the Chinese inserted into servers destined for Amazon and Apple. The world’s largest tech companies were infiltrated by a chip no bigger than the end of a No. 2 pencil. Both deny it happened but what if it really didn’t. There is still the threat. And the culprit is none other than… the People’s Liberation Army. Some of these small microchips even made it into the Department of Defense and CIA computer servers. President Trump and President Xi will have an interesting conversation when they meet. The Center for Strategic and International Studies released this recent report on offensive operations against Russia. The Cold War intensifies…

In the Military arena, time to go offensive!

President Trump issued National Security Presidential Memorandum 13 to go offensive with our cyber weapons.  I did not know the White House released a cyber strategy to guide our efforts in this area. A question many ask is what does “defending forward” mean in the new Cyber strategy. Cyber Warfare is a highly classified code word world in the DoD. I got taste during the invasion of Iraq and it was incredible!  

 The Economic realm took a shock to the system this week.

What is going on in the Stock Market? Tech stocks to a big hit this week, Microsoft being one of the biggest. Some are saying why did it take so long to happen. The market needed a correction after record highs. Not to worry some have said. Did any of us think the Dow would go above 24,000 two years ago? A commentator on one of the radio shows today thinks the DOW will go above 28,000 now.

More next week… 

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