Nation’s DIME 1844

Closing in on the midterms, the world seems to be in chaos. Here are the things I’m reading about in the DIME.

In the Diplomatic community,

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for a cease fire in Yemen’s Civil War. The US will continue supporting the war, but patients is running out on the Saudi-UAE coalition. US has supported the coalition with drone strikes in Yemen, killing several high value Al-Qaeda jihadis, Anwar al-Awlaki the most famous.

In the Informational area,

Eleven people were killed and four law enforcement officers wounded as Robert Bowers walked through the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh shouting anti-Semitic statements and shooting into the congregation. Hard to believe he has plead not guilty to 44 counts. Two things not covered in the news… A trauma doctor ran in with the SWAT Team giving medical attention to victims. The Muslim community raised over $180,000 for victims to cover their funeral costs. In the midst of this tragedy, unlikely heroes are coming to help.

In the Military arena,

The largest NATO exercise since the Cold War is underway in Norway. The Russians have reacted to TRIDENT JUNCTURE with bombers flying in the region, and a naval missile firing exercise. TRIDENT JUNCTURE is NATO’s response to a recent Russian exercise. Ambassador Azita Raji wrote a great article for War on the Rocks with a number of links here.

In the Economic realm,

US stock market lost $2 trillion in October. Tech stocks and CEOs were the biggest losers. Amazon lost $19 billion in two day. Investors worry about more tariffs on China. Think about that… two trillion is more than the gross national product of many countries. The market volatility was in response to concerns over global growth and the continuing trade war with China.

The US midterms are next week which is sure to bring a lot of talking points.