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What Client’s Say

“His performance and reputation in the 18 Operational Support Squadron was simply outstanding! He was personally responsible for the planning and execution of an exercise dubbed “ZZ TOP, which incorporated all elements of Kadena’s substantial composite air wing, in a real-time test of air defense of the island against the USS Independence Airwing and Battlegroup. My best Flight Commander and my “Go-To” guy, he gets projects done right the first time… every time.”
Colonel Geno Redmon, 97th Operations Group Deputy Commander
AMC senior leadership by-name request for wartime Chief, Air Refueling Control Team, the right choice! Mark’s expertise was invaluable to our coalition partners, the most critical air asset in this war was tankers! Overcame potentially crippling airspace, beddown, and fuel resupply issues. The A-Day war plan was not executable. Accomplished complete replanning of tanker assets when air and ground war executed simultaneously. Warrior and Leader… one of a kind planner. Mark’s tanker plan, the key to the campaign! Outstanding!”
Major General Nick Williams, Director of Mobility Forces
“AMC appointed Chief of Tanker Ops for Operation Enduring Freedom; definitely the right choice! AMC’s tanker planner for Operation Anaconda, largest combined ground operation since Desert Storm. In 27 years, OEF and Desert Storm, without a doubt the best tanker planner I’ve seen.”
Brigadier General Skip Scott, Director of Mobility Forces
“He has a keen sense of what needs to be done and can organize and develop methodical plans to logically get there. In operations, the real test of a successful officer is the ability to think on your feet and be flexible to rapidly changing situations. I have personally observed Major Hasara deliver superior results under extremely short suspense. He is aggressive yet mature in his thinking. He is competent and loyal and has the complete trust of his fellow aviators no matter what aircraft they fly. Mark is directly responsible for the outstanding camaraderie between fighter pilots and the tanker?AWACS crews that exists at Kadena.”
Colonel James Jackson, 79th Test and Evaluation Group
“With the inception of this new organization in Jan 08, Mark had only been with the company for 3 months. Mark leveraged on his extensive operational knowledge and experience from the Precision Strike warfighter’s perspective to provide operational guidance on multiple Government Systems pursuits and initiatives. While the processes and policies were new to Mark, he took the initiative to ask questions, find lessons learned, and systematically break down and work the “unknowns” until they became “knowns”. Mark has an extensive external network which he was able to leverage this past year to gain additional perspectives on potential RC solution offerings.”
Toshie Bader, Rockwell Collins Engineering Manager