Patriot Mark Hasara, recognized worldwide as the leading air mobility expert… known for his ability to prepare, organize, and execute success in an accelerated environment.

Keynote Speaker

Tanker Pilot Mark Hasara brings lessons from the cockpit into an engaging, fast-paced, high-impact keynote experience.


Incorporating the client’s key learning objectives into an accelerated environment, Mark Hasara provides lasting impact.

Training Programs

Mark’s half-day & full-day training programs come with workbook, role-playing, interactive brainstorming, innovative processes and a ton of energy.

Consulting Services

Providing education and mentorship in government-driven industries, Mark Hasara identifies problems acting as a catalyst for change.


Preparing for Pursuits

Learn tools and skills for understanding your strengths, customer needs, and creating winning value propositions to crush the competition. Using battlefield lessons learned, help your organization solve challenges in hyper-sensitive and evolving environments.

Liberating Order from Chaos

Discover ways for dealing with shifting conditions, creating logical order and adapting to change. These battlefield tested methods apply directly to the business world.

Create your plan – Execute your plan

Everyone copes with decision making challenges in their daily lives. This seminar teaches the skills to create flexible plans ensuring success based on the military “Kill Chain” cycle of Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess (F2T2EA).