Are you and those serving near you feeling stuck… drowning in the chaos?

  We all experience these moments in life. But you’re smart, probably have solutions to the problems already … a better paying job, a sizzling relationship… but generally solid answers seem just beyond arm’s reach.

  Frustrating, right?

  What if the bottom line problem is inside the six inches between your ears? What if the right people nearest you have answers forging significant impacts in your life, possessing knowledge to build a stronger, lighter, and faster you? What if there’s an easy way to aviate, navigate and communicate where you, your family, and team dream to be?  

More importantly, do you recognize when you’re there?

Keynote Speaker

Mark's signature keynote presentation on lessons from battlefields and business keep audiences on the edge of their seats


Creating audience participation events from client's learning objectives, Mark's programs focus on how people, impacts, and education help create meaningful lives

Training Programs

Mark’s half and full-day audience participation programs prepare organizations to confidently push past chaos or change and fly to excellence

Consulting Services

Mark teaches people tools to solve complex issues using methods learned working with international governments and corporate organizations.


The jet was on fire inside and none of us knew it. This signature keynote speech relies on three words every pilot employs to solve emergencies in the air. These three words for over seventy years establish a simple mental roadmap for maintaining control, arriving at any destination, and communicating with those trying to help plant your feet back on the ground.


From zero to 160 miles an hour in three hundred seven feet is a total rush! This keynote entertains crowds with methods to face fears and take massive action, why moving beyond comfort zones bulletproofs our minds, and explains some tools to build trust in business and personal lives. I teach audiences how to drive a 102,000 ton Navy aircraft carrier using PVC pipe as your only guide!

Fast Asleep to Full Up War in 30 Minutes

Discover the power of storytelling… and how creating your new story awakens the sleeping giant inside you.

Fired from a dream job, this gut wrenching experience left me ashamed, embarrassed in front of my peers, and feeling like there’s nothing left to give. A phone call at 5:50 am on a September morning transformed our lives forever. This presentation gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at efforts to protect the US from Al-Qaeda attacks, resilience to regain the momentum after an operation in Afghanistan went horribly wrong, and how six weeks in hell forged a bulletproof team for the invasion of Iraq. These events prepared my mind for where my body took my family years later fighting a fourteen month long battle in a University of Iowa hospital room.

Mark delivers additional keynotes on these topics:


Problem Solving for Leaders

Throttles MAX!

On Time, On Altitude, On Speed!

Purpose and Mindset