The Nation’s DIME 1848

President Trump is attending the G20 Summit in Buenos Aries Argentina. Attending the summit are Britain’s Teresa May, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman, and China’s Xi Jinping. Good news is already coming from the Summit, but there are numerous rifts laid bare in Buenos Aries

In the Diplomatic arena,

President Trump will not meet privately with President Putin over the seizure of Ukrainian Navy ships in the Crimea. Russia’s Navy captured three Ukrainian ships and blocked the Straight of Kerch with patrol boats and SU-25 Frogfoot air cover.

The White House announced President Trump will meet with China’s Xi Jinping over the trade war. The Chinese have a lot to gain or lose if the trade and tariff war continues. Many believe the Chinese have the most to lose, but China has an ace up their sleeve. Jinping continues to militarily buildup their South China Sea islands. Five trillion dollars of commerce transits through the South China Sea which China could shut down in moments. 

In the Informational area,

Britain’s Teresa May has said during their first face-to-face meeting, she wants President Trump to know he’s wrong the Brexit Deal will not harm the global economy. She feels there can be a deep trade deal with the US when Britain exits the EU. Prime Minister May also wants to chat with Crown Prince Salman about the assassination of journalist Kamal Khashoggi in Istanbul. May wants to confront him on reports he ordered the murder and the human suffering in their war on Yemen. The Yemeni Civil War is said to be the worst humanitarian disaster in history. 

In the Military realm, 

I hope President Trump discusses Iran’s proxy war in the Middle East with Crown Prince Salman and the rest of the G20. We’ve been warned about this. Iran’s Hezbollah forces are now setting their sights on US forces, which have Putin’s backing. The Israeli Air Force struck Iranian targets throughout Syria last night. The Russian S-300 Surface-to-Air Missile site near Masyaf Syria continues to grow and Iranian 747 cargo planes are landing in Beirut. The IAF received additional F-35s to deal with the growing threat of double-digit SAMs in Syria. 

In the Economic world,

President Trump signed a new NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada while attending the G20 Summit. Here are good articles on the differences and why NAFTA was renegotiated. Now each country’s legislature must ratify the document so we’ll see what the recent US elections will impact the signing.

Next week’s articles takes a look at Iran’s influence in the Middle East. Remember one name… Major General Qasem Soleimani.

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