The Nation’s DIME 1852

This the last DIME for 2018, and there is a lot happening this past week to end the year… US Government shut down over wall funding, another Cold War with Russia, and the stock market going for a real wild ride.

In the Diplomatic realm,

President Trump said he will keep the US Government closed until he sees $5 billion in the budget for the wall. Today he threatened to close the border completely. He has good reason to do so. Here is a name I want all of you to remember, Corporal Ronil Singh. He’s the cop shot and killed in Newman California by illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga during a traffic stop. Arriaga is here illegally and is suspected of being a gang member. 

President Trump discussing the wall with Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi. Photo by Evan Vucci

In the Information area,

The death of Corporal Ronil Signh and the Arriaga arrest gives President Trump the news story he needs to build the wall. He can now illustrate the Democrats are placing the nation in danger by not budgeting $5B. How little money are we talking about here? One billion Washington’s spread out as a quilt covers four square miles, five billion covering twenty square miles. One trillion one dollar bills covers 3992 square miles, twice the size of the state of Delaware! Another example: five billion Washingtons stacked up is 340 miles tall. A one trillion stack is 67,866 miles high or a quarter of the way to the moon. Five billion dollars in a trillion dollar budget is spitting in the ocean. If we can spend tax dollars on how cocaine affects mating quail, we can fund the wall. President Trump also has a new video which surfaced of Senator Chuck Schumer voting for a border wall in 2006. 

So… what has changed Democrats? Your absolute hatred for the President has you so outraged over a wall you once wanted, while American citizens are being gunned down by illegal aliens coming across the border. Hold out Mr. President… keep the government closed and build the wall!

Your Government spent $356K to see how cocaine affected mating habits of Japanese Quail!

In the Military world,

This went unnoticed by many in the states… the US-Russian Cold War is heating up close to home. TU-160 “White Swan” bombers flew 6200 miles across the Atlantic from their base in Murmansk to… Caracas Venezuela. This puts Russian Air Force nuclear capable bombers 1300 nautical miles from Miami. The two bombers flew a 10 hour patrol throughout the Caribbean Sea after arriving in Caracas. The bombers were escorted by… wait for it… US-made F-16 Fighting Falcons and Russian-made SU-27 Flankers in the Venezuelan Air Force. The Venezuelans need the money and Russia wants to build a base on the island of La Orchila. For those of you who like how history repeats itself, this smells just like the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Route of flight for the two TU-160s from Engels to Caracas via Aviamil on Twitter.

In the Economic realm,

December was a bad month for the stock market. The market dropped 800 points in a single day and then rose to its highest gain in a single day, 1068 points. What is causing the roller coaster ride? Several things. The Fed raised interest rates a quarter point as the economy was roaring. Brent Crude Oil price is down to $52 a barrel after approaching $90 earlier in the year. The China Tariff battle continues to make investors edgy too. Some market commentators are saying the crash is coming. Why the jitters? One reason may be the midterms. Here are some very interesting articles on how midterm elections affected the markets since World War II. Democrats will try to rein in the 28 month economic boom in preparation for the 2020 primary election. If Trump goes into 2020 election with the economy still growing, he will be reelected.

As 2018 closes, the world is on a roller coaster ride and will remain so. The House will change hands to the Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi in January. Expect more investigations into the Trump Family affairs. Republicans will have a bigger margin in the Senate with a lot of judgeships to be voted on. And American troop levels fall across the Middle East over the next few months, with many of our allies worried about the continuing Proxy War between the US and Israel against Russian and Iran.

See you next year… On the Nation’s DIME 1901.  

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