Campaign Agenda: President Trump’s Top Ten Promises Delivered.

President Trump is marching right down his campaign promise list, checking items off in a hurry. Here are the top ten campaign promises the President has delivered on, making real policy changes and illustrating the effects those changes had on the population.

10. Imposing a 10% repatriation tax on money held oversees to bring back jobs in America.  This article and this one outline some of the biggest companies bringing money back to the states and what they plan to do with the money.  Sixteen companies repatriated over a trillion dollars back to the US. That is trillion… with a T.   

9. Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). These two articles discuss the pros and cons of withdrawing from the TPP. Withdrawing from TPP was one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises.

8. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords caused some of the loudest backlashes against the Trump Administration by environmentalists. This article discusses why leaving the Paris Accords was good for America and the taxpayers.

7. Bringing North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un to the table and reining in his nuclear plans. I was stationed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Japan. We constantly worried about North Korean missiles reaching the base. Several Presidents have dealt with the Kim Regime. President Trump’s Administration got Kim to the table.

6. Stopped the government’s over-regulation to jump-start the economy. Trump ran on the promise he would repeal the ridiculous regulations reining in the economy. And economist agree deregulation is working.

5. Reversing Obama-Era executive orders has slashed some of the ridiculous executive orders signed into law, causing miles of red tape to be cut, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the government’s role in the economy.


President Trump meeting with European Union leaders.

4. The President displayed great leadership by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, a bad policy for the US. Iran is the real enemy in the Middle East peace process. The singular piece of evidence in my mind remains the nuclear power plant near Deir ez Zor Syria, built with the help of North Korean scientist and funded with Iranian money. Fortunately, the Israeli Air Force destroyed the power plant nicknamed “The Cube” in September 2007 during Operation Outside the Box. Iran’s forces have killed and injured US servicemen and women in the Middle East and remain a threat in Syria.

3. Tax cuts to middle-class Americans have had a huge effect on take home pay. This article from The Balance lays out what the tax cut plan includes. People do vote with their money.

2. The change in strategy to defeat the forces of Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria or ISIS by the Trump Administration and SecDef James Mattis has decimated the group. SecDef Mattis loosening the rules of engagement, and airpower dropped tens of thousands of bombs on ISIS targets. The ISIS capital of Raqqa fell in mere months.

1. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem has been a promise of several Presidents. The Trump Administration actually moved it. What effect will the move have on our relationship with Israel and the Middle East peace process? This article from the Jerusalem Post captures some of those issues.

Over the next two and a half years you should expect this list to grow

About the author, Mark Hasara

Author of Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, Mark Hasara is a retired US Air Force pilot with 24 year in the KC-135 airborne tanker. He is a speaker and aviation industry consultant in campaign planning and cockpit architecture. Follow his weekly newsletter “On the Nations DIME”.