Reap what you Sow: What has capitalism done for the world?

Michael Moore released a documentary in 2009 called Capitalism: A Love Story. According to Wikipedia, the film centers on “the late-2000s financial crisis and the recovery stimulus, while putting forward an indictment of the current economic order in the United States and unfettered capitalism in general.” I’ve not seen the movie… probably won’t either. I listened to the Glenn Beck program yesterday while driving my son to school. How many times have you heard outrage of how US capitalism has destroyed the planet? Like Glenn Beck, I’m also tired of the outrage.

In the last hour of his program, Glenn asked the question “What has capitalism done for the world? He gave some fascinating statistics from his forthcoming book Addicted to Outrage. Glenn lays them out in chapter thirteen. 

The 320 million people are lucky to call America home, representing 4.4% of the world’s population.

Americans own 25% of the world’s wealth.

The US consumes 33% of the world’s energy. 

We command the seven seas and own 48% of the satellites orbiting the earth right now. The US is the only nation to land men on the moon seven times, Apollo 11 through 17, except for Apollo 13 because of an explosion in the Command Module. Those three men made it home because of incredible innovation and teamwork.

US citizens consume 41% of the world’s chewing gum. I always chewed gum while flying.

In barely 120 years, we became the world’s most powerful nation. During World War II, the Essex Class aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard was built in 14 months. Twenty-four carriers made up the Essex class.

100 years after becoming the world’s most powerful nation, we became the world’s only superpower.

As far as resources go, the US has more than 55% of the world’s oil shale inside our boundaries. Sixty-five percent of the world’s uranium is in the US.

The United States has enough power to provide the planet, including projected growth, with enough energy for the next 2000 years. Go look up Terra Power Wave Reactor and see what is coming in the world of energy.

The bottom 10% of the US population by way of wealth is still in the top ten percent compared to the rest of the world’s population.

Sixty-eight percent of the world’s Ph.D.’s live in the US, and most of the world’s doctoral candidates come to the US for education.

How has this affected the world? Malaria cases have dropped 33%, and examples of HIV infection are down 55%. The World Health Organization now says malnutrition is not the problem, obesity is.

Here is one which struck me… because of capitalism and the western way of life, the amount of money we spend on necessities such as food, transportation, homes, clothing, furniture, utilities, and gas, has been cut in half in the last 90 years! What your grandparents were paying in the Great Depression of the 1930s has been cut in half.

Yep, this is what American capitalism and free trade have done. Again, these figures from Glenn Beck’s program are included in his new book Addicted to Outrage, out in stores today.