Host of Lessons from the Cockpit podcast

"Tell me about your experiences, but more importantly what you learned or how it changed you!"

Pondering this past year and our new normal I realized lessons learned from ancient and modern battlefields can be used in so many areas of our lives. Sitting down one night, hundreds of stories and lessons learned flowed onto the notebook pages. Three close friends told me “Share these with the rest of us!” The Lessons from the Cockpit podcast was born.

People think the US military performs flawlessly.

Many times we’ve failed for minuscule reasons.  

During a large training event one single mistake caused a chain of events leading to seven aircraft simulated “lost” in the opening minutes. These fliers were the very best the Air Force offers.

Lessons from the Cockpit is designed to take listeners behind the scenes of military operations all over the world. Most importantly, what Lessons from the Cockpit shares with audiences are what aviators learned from their experiences and how they changed our lives. Many of our guests were involved in front page headline news, others in events taking great pains to ensure they didn’t end up in the news.   

Some stories are emotional because they strike so close to our hearts. Some experiences are humorous, a tool locking fear in its place. Facts you hear are astounding, like the amount of gas transferred into combat aircraft allows a Ford F-150 truck to make 2685 round trips to the moon!

My promise to listeners is staying laser focused on sharing the most incredible stories from the cockpit, the “tactics, techniques and procedures” learned from those experiences, but most importantly how it changed our lives.