DIME 1837

I’m back after a long absence. During the past few weeks a lot happened… In the Diplomatic arena, The Trump Administration announced on Tuesday the closing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Washington DC. Stating the PLO “has not taken steps to advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel” and the ICC probing Israeli war crimes, President […]

The Migrant Caravan Part Two: Sunday’s Rush on our Border

Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon snapped a picture of Maria Meza and her twin daughters running from a tear gas canister fired into a crowd of 1000 migrants rushing the US-Mexico border by US Border Patrol agents on Sunday 25 November. Kyung-Hoon’s photo appears on the front page of every news outlet. The photo is meant to tear you up emotionally. Migrant activist Jesus Ibanez […]

DIME 1842

Another Honduran migrant caravan approaches the U.S. – Mexico border. The Trump Administration response is different with this one. In the Diplomatic realm, The Trump Administration is responding to the moving caravan by threatening to close the US – Mexico border.  Mexico now braces for the invasion of 3000-4000 Honduran migrants. In response to President Trump’s diplomatic move, Mexico airlifted […]

No Nukes for You: The Twelve Demands on Iran for a New Deal

I’ve stated here on these pages before the real threat in the Middle East is not Russia or Syria. The real threat to peace in the Middle East is Iran, and the forces they have deployed and employed throughout the region. Russia and Syria are just facilitators to Iranian mischief in the region. President Trump […]

DIME 1901

Here is the first DIME of the year… number 1901 for 2019 and the first week of the year. The new Congress is in place and the insanity has begun in Washington DC. Today, Conservative commentators are again working in a target rich environment! In the Diplomatic world, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wasted no time inserting herself […]

The escalating proxy war in Syria

Photo by Hassan Ammar/AP The proxy war between Israel and Iran, Russia and the US escalated this past week after Putin delivered their fourth generation S300 Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM) system to Syria. This move is in response to Israeli Air Force F-16I Sufas attacking Iran’s ballistic missile infrastructure in the city of Latakia, right under the nose of the Russian S400 SAM […]

Iran’s Four Proxy Wars and the General leading them

Last week I mentioned a name for you to remember. To Shia muslims in Iran he is now larger than life. They are even making movies about him. Major General Qasem Soleimani, the “shadow commander” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quids forces, stepped into the light to protect the Shia of the Middle East. He runs Iran’s four proxy […]

Taking Names: DIME 1802

NPR photo After the resolution vote in the General Assembly on declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, an overwhelming number of our allies voted against us. President Trump told the world we were taking names via Ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech. It looks like the first nation on the chopping block is Pakistan, totaling $1.3 billion. […]