Aviate, Navigate and Communicate

All of us are feeling the effects of this international emergency called COVID-19. May I share with you a rule aviators know will save lives in an emergency?  Every aviator is taught three words to help manage emergency situations: Aviate, Navigate and Communicate. Pilots memorize and execute this simple rule in that order. The first […]


There are some great TOPGUN stories out there where pilots overcome really tremendous odds. Rarely does the public hear about the FLOPGUN stories… when pilots aren’t quite at their movie theater best.  An F-16 pilot on a mission saw a bunch of enemy vehicles in a field during the Spring 1999 Kosovo air campaign, prime […]

DIME 1851

In a stunning move, President Trump in a video statement says he will bring home the 2000 troops currently fighting ISIS in Syria. Russian President Putin has agreed ISIS is all but defeated. I hope ISIS knows this. There has been a lot written and spoken about US involvement in Syria and President Trump’s announcement. Here are my thoughts on this. In the Diplomatic area,  […]

Proxy War in Syria: US Coalition airstrikes on Chemical Weapons Facilities

At 9 p.m. Friday, 13 April President Trump appeared on national TV. His purpose was announcing American, British, and French forces were conducting airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapons facilities Bashar al Assad used on the town of Douma Syria. The 13 – 14 April airstrike marks the second time long-range standoff weapons destroyed military targets […]

DIME 1818

President Trump should kill the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Reached in Vienna on 14 June 2015 between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council; China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, the United States, plus Germany. Iran is the real threat in the Middle East and we handed them the […]

WMD Consequences: 13-14 April air attacks on Syria’s Chemical Weapons facilities

Many have asked me over the recent weeks about the logistics involved during the airstrikes on the chemical weapons facilities in Syria. Until recently, I had never heard of CIGeography and their incredible artwork. David Cenciotti’s The Aviationist and Tyler Rogoway’s The War Zone at the The Drive are two of my favorite websites to spend time and they turned me […]

Proxy Wars: Putin’s Cold War against the US and the Syrian Alamo

Russian officials are warning the US they will attack Anti-Assad forces and their support near our military outpost west of the Syrian village of At Tanf. The Google Earth picture below shows the At Tanf base near the Syrian/Jordanian border. Joe Trevithick at The Warzone has written a great article on what this means. I recommend The Warzone to all my […]