President Trump should kill the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Reached in Vienna on 14 June 2015 between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council; China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, the United States, plus Germany. Iran is the real threat in the Middle East and we handed them the means to continue terrorizing anyone standing in their way of dominating the region. 

Iranian Ballistic Missile test launch

In the Diplomatic arena,

President Trump will decide soon if he will pull out of the Iran Deal in place. Most feel the Deal is dead, and he will pull out. What will happen if Trump pulls out is unclear. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is adamantly against the deal. What are the diplomatic consequences of pulling out of the deal?

In the Information area,

The war of words between Iran and the west took a sharp turn this week. Netanyahu announced the Mossad captured Iranian documents from Tehran’s nuclear archive. Netanyahu laid out the case Iran has lied about their program, which may be continuing at a faster pace with recent activity

Israeli Air Force F-16I Sufa taxiing out for a bombing mission

In the Military arena,

Israel and Iran are engaged in a proxy war in Syria, with their Russian allies looking on with very sophisticated air defense weapons. The Israeli Air Force has struck Iranian targets in Syria three times now. The most recent on 30 April, the 47th Brigade southeast of Hamma Syria. IAF F-15Is armed with GPS guided weapons destroyed several buildings and storage areas, containing suspected surface to surface missiles from Iran.  Approximately 200 missiles exploded in underground storage. The secondary explosion registered 2.6 on the richter scale!

In the Economic area,

What are the economic impacts of pulling out of the Iran Deal? There are a number of impacts if Trump pulls out. Any event in the Middle East has an impact on gas prices.  Sanctions placed on Iran and they immediately held military exercises in the region.. The scary part of this is the Obama Administration gave Iran over one billion dollars. What are the Iranians doing with that wad of cash

There is one man all of us need to be watching. His name is Major General Qassem Soliemani, leader of the Quids Forces, Iran’s foreign army which is busy in Syria.

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