I’m back after a long absence. During the past few weeks a lot happened…

In the Diplomatic arena,

The Trump Administration announced on Tuesday the closing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Washington DC. Stating the PLO “has not taken steps to advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel” and the ICC probing Israeli war crimes, President Trump ordered the PLO Washington Offices closed. The PLO said the closure is an act of war but may be an opportunity. I’m glad it’s closed… most of the money was going to terror organizations.

In the Informational area,

The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote next week to confirm President Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Hearings have been a circus… protestors, accusations of misrepresenting himself, blocking subpoenas for documents, and recently a letter about his behavior in High School. Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine has been threatened if she votes to confirm. Progressives have actually turned on Senator Schumer during this hearing. So, what is the Democrat’s end game? Information, true or false, is now a political weapon, as it has been through the ages. If you think the Democrats and protesters were unhinged at the hearings, wait till he’s confirmed!few

NORAD photo

In the Military arena, so much is going on,

The Cold War returns to the coast of Alaska. Two F-22s intercepted Russian Tu-95 BEAR bomber and its escorting SU-35 fighters. The SU-35s would have required air refueling so there was a Midas tanker somewhere too. The Russians and Chinese recently held a large force exercise near Vostok. The pictures of the strength and size of the forces should worry the west.

Russian found out how brutal a US beating can be in February of this year when Russian mercenaries attacked our outpost near Deir Ez Zor.

In the Economic realm,

The Trump Administration has cut $200 million in aid to the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and snapped ties with the PLO. President Trump warned nations and UN organizations this would happen. Watch this list of countries voting against our initiative to move our Embassy to Jerusalem, where it now resides. When he says he will do something, President Trump has rarely backed down on his word.

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