Another Honduran migrant caravan approaches the U.S. – Mexico border. The Trump Administration response is different with this one.

In the Diplomatic realm,

The Trump Administration is responding to the moving caravan by threatening to close the US – Mexico border.  Mexico now braces for the invasion of 3000-4000 Honduran migrants. In response to President Trump’s diplomatic move, Mexico airlifted federal police to the Honduran Mexican border halting the flow of 3000-4000 migrants. Mexico warned the caravan they will deport them if they do not turn around. Mexico has also asked the UN for help.

In the Informational area,

Timing of the caravan is very suspicious, right before the midterm electionsTrump has warned the caravan to return to Honduras, but the migrants continue moving north. President Trump made his position clear, and so has his detractors

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In the Military realm,

President Trump threatened the Mexican Government to deploy US troops along our southern border.  The National Guard troops have deployed before when the last caravan approached the US border, and looks like they will again. Our southern border is a very dangerous place with numerous players. Developing rules of engagement for a border security operation like this will be very interesting.

In the Economic area,

President Trump has threatened to cut off the money… finally. Financial aid to Honduras will be first. He then threatened two other nations with the same, Guatemala and El Salvador. The Honduran and Guatemalan are now moving quickly to stop the migrants. It always comes down to money.

I find the movement of this migrant caravan right before the midterms very suspicious. What group or agency is paying for their movement? Four thousand people require a lot of food, water, and logistical support. I don’t think the caravan is as spontaneous as we are led to believe.

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