Flying with Pete “Pig” Fleischmann

Welcome to this episode of Lessons from the Cockpit! Pete Fleischmann flew F-16 Vipers in the Air Force and currently is an A320 Captain for one of the major US airlines. He also trains pilots how to avoid the leading cause of fatal aircraft accidents worldwide in a very unique classroom. On today’s show, he tells us where good judgment really comes from, an essential management tool whenever and where ever an airplane leaves the ground, and the importance of basic stick and rudder skills and their role in the loss of controlled flight. Pete also shares some of his planning factors when establishing a No-Fly/No Drive zone over or near a hostile country, something we hear a lot about in the news right now. If you want to check off flying a fighter jet on your bucket list or learn how to recover an aircraft after the loss of controlled flight, visit Pete’s Acrojet website. Here is the two-seat F-16 which shot down the MiG-25 Foxbat over the Iraq No-Fly Zone Pete talked about in the episode. One of the most famous F-16 Vipers is called BOB and can be purchased for the walls of your home, office, or hanger. The F-16 given the nickname WRAITH because of its black paint scheme is also available from Wall Pilot, sponsor of today’s episode. Thanks for listening and please share this and previous episodes of Lessons from the Cockpit Show found at    Check out this episode!
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