"Tell us about your experiences, but more importantly what you learned or how it changed you!"

Pondering this past year and our new normal, I realized lessons learned from ancient and modern battlefields can be used in so many areas of our lives. Sitting down one night, hundreds of stories and lessons learned flowed onto the notebook pages. Three close friends told me “Share these with the rest of us!” The Lessons from the Cockpit podcast was born. 

Flying is described as long periods of boredom interrupted by short intermittent periods of extreme terror.

On the Lessons from the Cockpit show, we debrief the most intriguing pilots, aircrew members, maintainers, and aviation enthusiasts, investigating their tactics, techniques, and procedures cultivated during extraordinary military, commercial, and private flight operations.

Our exploration gives practical advice on how the aviation world works and expands critical thinking skills in the air and on the ground.

Many of our guests were involved in front-page headline news, others in events taking great pains to ensure they didn’t end up in the news.

So grab an adult beverage of your choice and sit down… strap in… and launch the Lessons from the Cockpit show!

Lessons from the Cockpit episodes

007 Two Ears and One Mouth

USS Midway Museum


LCDR Mugs McKeown and LT Jack Ensch VF-161 F-4B ROCK RIVER 100


009 The Power to Fly

For four to eight foot long prints of the Supermarine Spitfire from Wall Pilot:


For prints of the P-51: