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Preserving History One Cockpit Story at a Time

Introducing Wall Pilot

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A group of friends gathered in Park City recently to learn from some the National Speakers Association’s great million dollar a year speakers. All of us were given the opportunity to speak on any subject we chose. As part of my 20 minute speech on Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate, I used two of our Wall Pilot graphics, profile drawings printed on vinyl which customers peel off and stick to the walls of their homes or office. Wall Pilot’s graphics are like the life-size sports stars of another famous company.  We are hearing some amazing stories from those customers. One of those million dollar a year speakers advised me “You should be telling these stories in a podcast!” After talking with Michelle and my mentor Kathy, I’ve decided to do just that.

Many of these stories are being told for the first time. As we’ve talked with customers they’ve told us about amazing events in Vietnam, operations in Afghanistan, and one started by a CNN new alert. 

The first stories will be coming toward the end of this week. Later all of us at Wall Pilot have decided to write the stories down in a book with our profiles illustrating the aircraft making history.

We’re going to introduce people like Spliff, John Boy, Alex, Mac, Ralph, and my good friend Hoss. 

One of the first stories will put you on the edge of your seat. Two aircraft called upon to destroy enemy fighters dug into a mountain top and the Special Forces troops in contact with them. The aircrews are called upon to shoot their gun at ground targets… something they’d never done before. The good guys are only 100 meters away from where the aircrews will be laying down 20 millimeter bullets. One participant said it was the most frustrating mission he’d ever flown.

One of those aircrew sent me their video taken during this amazing mission.

These stories will start appearing on Friday of this week.

So standby for the Mark Hasara Podcast… preserving history, one cockpit story at a time!