SH-3 Sea King Operations with Commander Steve Bates

Welcome to the forty-sixth episode of the Lessons from the Cockpit podcast!

The Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King was the US Navy’s primary rotary-wing aircraft for decades. Steve discusses training and flying the Sea King used for Fleet Logistics bringing beans, bombs, and mail to the fleet and sailors while underway at sea. Steve also tells us about some of the humanitarian operations he was involved with while at the Pentagon… on 9/11!

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On next week’s show, Steve tells us the history of the SH-3 Sea King and rotary wing aviation in the Navy so swing by next week.

Thanks for listening and downloading the podcast and we’ll talk to you next week on the Lessons from the Cockpit podcast.

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Mark Hasara

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Shaun McNeil
Shaun McNeil
1 year ago

Went to High School with Steve in Milford, Massachusetts. Great stories from his navy career. My son was stationed at Mayport in Jacksonville on the CV 67. John F. Kennedy air craft carrier. Back in 1995.

Dori Bates
Dori Bates
1 year ago

I am so enjoying this , keep up the good work .