Mark's 2023 Programs

Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate

It sounds so simple… for 118 years these three words saved countless lives because it works. Every time. This three-word simple phrase all pilots use in emergencies to focus minds and actions on maintaining control, set a recovery course for home, and coordinate a plan to land. 

No One Left Behind

There is one promise military people will die for…

We will rescue you or bring home your remains.

A jet fighter crew must lay down fire 80 meters from a SEAL team or they will die, a maneuver the aircrew has never done before. An Air Force cargo plane carries five seriously burned airline passengers 7300 miles attempting to save their lives, and a nine year old is the only American survivor. We will leave no one behind!

Fast Asleep to Full Up War in 30 Minutes

Being fired from my dream job left me ashamed and discouraged. Worst of all, I’d never command a flying squadron. A 5:50 am phone call placed me with a much more significant responsibility. My new task was protecting every man, woman, and child west of Denver from a terrorist attack, and the CEO of an international team directing all air refueling operations over the Middle East.