Strategic Air Command Operations in the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Welcome to the fifty-third episode of the Lessons from the Cockpit podcast, the second in a series of Strategic Air Command bomber and tanker operations during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October and November of 1962.

Strategic Air Command’s Cuban Missile Crisis After Action Report was declassified years ago. I did not find it until researching the chapter of my book called Klaxon! Klaxon! Klaxon! on nuclear operations in the Reagan Cold War. In the days leading up to President John F. Kennedy’s landmark speech on the evening of 22 October telling America nuclear missiles are on the island of Cuba, Commander of Strategic Air Command General Thomas S. Power prepared his forces for the increase in airborne nuclear alert called Chrome Dome missions. SAC went from twelve Chrome Dome missions a day to seventy-five on 5 November 1962! The episode discusses the preparation, generation, and launch of SAC nuclear bomber and tanker assets over thirty days.

This is the link to the SAC Operations during the Cuban Crisis of 1962 document most of this podcast was taken from.

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The B-58 Hustler was new to Strategic Air Command’s inventory and all 84 were placed on nuclear alert to cover the gaps in the Single Integrated Operations Plan or the nuclear war plan with the B-52 forces flying all the Chrome Dome missions. This B-58 Hustler profile is the Cowtown Hustler, a speed record-breaking Hustler now in the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton Ohio. 

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Episode fifty-four will be up next week… discussing another time period where Russian nuclear subs caused SAC to increase the alert status once again in 1987. I discuss this event in chapter two KLAXON! KLAXON! KLAXON! of my book Tanker Pilot, available on Amazon. Look forward to talking with you again next week.

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