Strategy and Tactics with Joe “Tazz” Katuzienski

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Flying the F-15 is an ultimate thrill. I know because I’ve done it three times. But deployed duties where airmen, soldiers, sailors, and Marines solve the most complex puzzles having theater-wide effects are often the most rewarding.

Lt Col Joe Katuzienski (retired) is one of those US Air Force airmen who impacted air warfare at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of war at a crucial time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Flying F-15 Eagles over Iraq in the first Gulf War, he deployed twice after the 2003 Shock and Awe campaign to Baghdad and the Combined Air and Space Operations Center in Qatar. Tazz’s expertise impacted the way airpower affected soldiers and Special Forces on the ground. In this episode, Tazz explores how relationships, using all intelligence and weapons available and empowering your people saved lives and resources during the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tazz now flies for one of the major US airlines.

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Read more about Operation Marne Torch, the campaign to remove ISIS insurgents from Iraq on Wikipedia.

Information on the Battle of Musa Qala

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