“The Battle Flag” and my son Jeffrey

Welcome to the forty-third episode of the Lessons from the Cockpit podcast!

I have been asked for several years to tell the story of flying an American Flag for someone who became a very dear friend and my son Jeffrey’s fourteen-month battle with cancer. Both my good friend and Jeffrey succumbed to this terrible cancer disease. My wife and I decided today it was time to tell this story of a military tradition, patriotism and the American Flag, and compassionate service during this dark period of our family’s life when Jeff battled Osteosarcoma.

This is the U-2R Senior Spur version of the Dragon Lady spy plane used during the United Nations Monitoring and Verification Commission or UNMOVIC missions over Iraq in 2003. The artwork all over this U-2R is done in chalk! I flew my Dad’s Battle Flag on a U-2R similar to this aircraft.

My family standing in front of “The Battle Flag” prominently displayed behind a huge bronze Bald Eagle in an alcove of Rush and Kathryn’s home. Jeffrey is wearing his Surf Texas T-Shirt. To read Rush’s tribute to Jeff after attending his funeral go to “Our Prayers for the Hasara Family.”

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Next week you are going to hear from a B-52 Superfortress Navigator flying missions in the opening nights of the Afghanistan air campaign and learn about some new missions the old Big Ugly Fat Fellow or BUFF is flying with FEMA, DHS, and in Southern Command hunting drug boats from 30,000 feet!

Look forward to discussing those extraordinary missions with you next week!  

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Mark Hasara

Have a great Day!

Sluggo Sends!

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