The More Thou Sweatest in Training…

On this the eighth episode of Lessons From the Cockpit:

The US Air Force has its version of TOPGUN, training the best of the best from 18 different weapons, intelligence, command and control, Special Operations, rescue, and intercontinental ballistic missile forces. It’s called the US Air Force Weapons School, based at Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas.

During one large force night training event, things did NOT go well for the students. One mistake snowballed into the loss of numerous aircraft. If this had been the opening night of a real Shock and Awe campaign, eleven airmen would not be coming home.

The students who flunked this training event took ownership of their mistakes, learned from them, and were better prepared when they crushed their simulated adversaries the following night.

To experience a night mass launch out of Nellis AFB:

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