The World’s only Air Refueling Graduate School

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A three-inch thick manila folder on my desk in my new assignment to the Air Mobility Command Director of Operations or AMC/DO staff ended up being the worst four years of my career and yet the most rewarding looking back on it. This graduate-level curriculum changed the way the US Air Force air refueling community did business… right before 9/11! And nobody wanted us! I was second in command of the Initial Cadre of eighteen airmen tasked with creating the KC-135 Weapons School, now the 509th Weapons Squadron. Twenty-five years later, the 509th Weapons School has produced over 200 graduates. 

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A print of the KC-135 with the 909th ARS markings can be purchased here.

KC-135 of the 909th Air Refueling Squadron, 18 Wing, Okinawa Japan

Prints of the 57th Wing Flagship, an F-15C Eagle based at Nellis Air Force Base Nevada, home of the US Air Force Weapons School, can be purchased here. The 65th Aggressor Squadron’s F-15C Eagles in the Flanker and Splinter paint schemes are also available from Wall Pilot.

65th Aggressor Squadron F-15C in the SPLINTER paint scheme replicating the Russian Su-57 Felon

Prints of Nellis AFB 64th Aggressor Squadron F-16Cs in the all-black Wraith,  the Splinter, the Digital, and the Flogger paint schemes are available at Wall Pilot. 

64th Aggressor Squadron F-16C in the all-black WRAITH paint scheme replicating the Communist Chinese J-20
64th Aggressor Squadron F-16C in the FLOGGER paint scheme replicating the MiG-23 Flogger

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