Two Ears and One Mouth

On this episode of Lessons from the Cockpit:

The good Lord gave us all two ears and one mouth for a reason. Important information is often given up because we spend too much time talking when we should be listening. One day my Boss set up two TOPGUN wannabes to be humiliated and it cost them $30 each!

On a trip to San Diego, Jim and I visited the USS Midway Museum ( Sitting in the F-4 dogfight simulator in Midway’s Hanger Deck, my two adversaries’ competitiveness and egos gave me a VERY important piece of information about themselves.

I’m much more observant about my surroundings after flying for over 24 years. Spending a few moments with Colonel John Boyd’s Observation – Orientation – Decision – Action or OODA Loop concept when I died during one dogfight gave me valuable knowledge to kill these would-be air aces over and over again.

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During the Vietnam war, the USS Midway’s F-4 Phantom squadron VF-161 shot down five North Vietnamese Air Force MiG-17 fighters during the LINEBACKER II campaign. VF-161’s F-4B Phantom II ROCK RIVER 100 downed two MiG-17 Frescos in one air battle on 23 May 1972. The graphic of Rock River 100 can be purchased for the walls of your home or office at

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